Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vibration and the effects in the body

Not only is vibration a powerful healing force in a hatha yoga practice, but in receiving massage, vibration can penetrate the underlying layers of muscle tissue to release tension.  In energizing massage treatments, such as ayurvedic Indian head massage, the oil used focuses on your constitution (dosha) and the rhythmic techniques bring the pita (universal healing energy/life force) up.  Leaving you relaxed and energized at the same time.

Purpose notes that vibration is used to stimulate the blood flow in the underlying area, which in turn helps drain off any waste and debris that accumulated during the massage. Vibration also relaxes the superficial muscles, so the therapist may use vibration to warm up the body before performing deep tissue bodywork.

Timing notes that vibration usually comes at the end of the massage session. Vibration provides the client with a small jolt of energy. By performing vibration at the end of the session, the therapist helps prevent post-session drowsiness.

Scar Tissue

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies points out that vibration is used in tandem with friction to help break up adhesions and scar tissues. The therapist will dig into the client's scar tissue with their fingers using the friction technique. Once the scar tissue starts to break up, the therapist will perform vibration to the area to bring blood to the area and dislodge any tissue waste that was created.

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